[SPORTS] Korea getting ready for 2014 World Cup in Brazil

D-Bo , Sept. 12, 2013, 8:32 a.m.

Hong Myung-bo is Korea’s manager for their national soccer team.  He will leave on Friday for UK in search of England’s Arsenal striker Park Chu Young and Sunderland idfield kicker KI Sung Yeung, as he prepares for Korea’s starting 11 for the World Cup held in Brazil 2014.

In August, he will then head to Germany to seek the progress of three players on the Bundesliga; Son Heung Min, Koo Ja Cheol, Park Joo Ho.

Hong eventually plans to return to Korea on September 23.  He will also monitor Hong will also monitor Sunderland striker Ji Dong-won, Cardiff City's attacking midfielder Kim Bo-kyung, Bolton Wanderers winger Lee Chung-yong and QPR left-back Yun Suk-young. 

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