Korea University Hires Foreign Professor to Teach Korean Language

kpride, Sept. 1, 2015, 7:16 a.m.

Jeffrey Holliday has become the first full-time foreign professor to teach in the Korean language department at Korea University, one of the three most prestigious universities in the nation. The university on Monday said that it had been trying to hire a qualified foreign professor with a major in Korean language or literature since 2004 and finally found one. 

Holliday graduated from the Ohio State University in 2003 and received his PhD for a dissertation on Korean phonology at the same university in 2012. Since then, he has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Indiana University Bloomington.

He studied accounting at college, but after a Korean language course at Korea University in 2002 he changed his major to phonology, a branch of linguistics concerned with the systematic organization of sounds in languages.

There are few Korean phonology courses or learners, he said. He expressed hope that he can help foreigners gain a deeper and more correct knowledge of the language. Holliday's Korean name, which he made in 2004 with similar initials to his own, is Ha Jin-pyo. This semester he is set to teach three classes, including the sociolinguistics of the Korean language as well as the phonetics and phonology of Korean as a second language.

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