Korean-American Christian rapper Heesun Lee set to release new album 'Beauty for Ashes'

Adriana Cho, July 6, 2016, 3:24 p.m.

A self made rapper from New York, Korean adoptee Heesun Lee released her album cover for her third studio album “Beauty for Ashes”. Her past two albums were met with great praise, with “Stereotypes” even reaching #24 on the Billboard Christian Gospel chart and #7 on iTunes Christian/Gospel charts. This album title “Beauty for Ashes”, references a bible verse (Isaiah 61:3) and reflects both her faith and her personal growth creating this album.

“Beauty for Ashes” is Heesun Lee’s first completely independently produced album adding even more meaning to this release. After working on the album for over a year, the release of this album is an amazing accomplishment and one that many were looking forward too. As a mother of two children, without the support of a record label, Lee is balancing her family, art, and faith which is often reflected in her music.


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Heesun is revolutionizing and inspiring so many people with hip hop that diverges from mainstream tracks that are constantly about money, drugs, and sex. Instead she raps with her heart about her personal struggles growing up as an adoptee, her faith and how it saved her, and her experiences as a woman in the male dominated hip hop industry. Lee’s music inspires an amazing array of people who are women, Korean Americans, Christians, or adoptees.

Her album is set to be released this summer so get ready for some exciting and meaning fresh music!

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