Korean American Investigated Over Pro North Korean Comments

D-Bo , Dec. 15, 2014, 10:35 a.m.

Korean American Shin Eun Mi appeared for police questioning over allegations that she made pro-North Korean remarks during a series of on-stage talks.  Shin Eun-mi arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) headquarters around 3 p.m. Shin, who has published a book detailing her trip to North Korea, was earlier placed under a temporary travel ban.

Local conservative civic groups filed a complaint against Shin and her co-host, Hwang Sun, the former deputy spokeswoman of the now-defunct Democratic Labor Party, with the police. The two allegedly made remarks sympathetic toward the North and painted the communist regime in a positive light.

Seoul's National Security Law prohibits any "anti-state" activities attempting to praise, encourage or propagandize North Korean political ideals.  Before the start of her questioning, Shin blamed the media for blowing things out of proportion.

"The media have paid no regard to my true feelings and have hurt me a great deal by giving false accounts," Shin told reporters. "I have given lectures at churches and colleges on the same topic, and I talked about the same issues in my book. I have no idea why my talk shows were dubbed pro-North Korean."

Shin said the ongoing controversy surrounding the nature of her talks has also wounded the hearts of many Koreans living overseas who are hoping for reunification of the Korean Peninsula.  “I will fully cooperate with the investigators so that I could help heal those broken hearts of overseas Koreans," Shin said. "I will try to address things that have been twisted and distorted. I think I should be punished if I have violated the law here but I have never once thought I have broken the National Security Law. I feel like I've been betrayed by my mother country that I've loved."

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