Korean Drama ‘Good Doctor’ Remake Set To Air On ABC This Fall!

Olivia Jung, May 18, 2017, 4:58 p.m.

FINALLY! Are you ready for the remake of KBS’ very own ‘Good Doctor’!? ABC, which is one of the top broadcasting stations in the United States has officially announced that during the month of September, they will be airing the remake version of the show on Mondays at 10PM EST, which is such a monumental step for KBS! The plot of the new ‘Good Doctor’ remake surrounds the main lead of Shaun Murphy, who suffers from savant syndrome and also autism, however is a brilliant surgeon. Although his coworkers and colleagues are very suspicious and doubtful of Murphy, he essentially ends up proving all of them wrong.

The show features actor Freddie Highmore playing the role of Shaun Murphy, which is essentially Joo Won’s role and also the actress Antonia Thomas being the female lead, taking the role of Moon Chae Won.

Are you gonna be watching the premier of the show!?!

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