Korean Golfer Bae Sang Moon to Play in Tournament Despite Military Draft Issue

D-Bo , Jan. 5, 2015, 11:05 a.m.

Golfer Bae Sang-moon, who has been denied an extension for his overseas travel permit, will compete in the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Hawaii this week.  Bae, a two-time PGA Tour winner, won the Frys.com tournament in October, which qualified him for the tournament at Kapalua in Maui.

Bae, who has yet to serve his mandated military service, acquired a U.S. green card in 2013. He applied in early December last year to extend his overseas travel permit, but this was denied on Dec. 29.

The Military Manpower Administration said it does not view Bae as an actual resident of the U.S. since his U.S. visa expired last month and he spent almost half a year in Korea for graduate studies and golf tournaments.

Bae must return to Korea within this month and apply for mandatory military service if he does not want to violate relevant laws.  Bae intends to take legal action in order to extend his overseas stay while taking part in the PGA tour. 

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