Korean Holiday Tourists Still Gravitate to Pokemon GO Locations

David Song, Aug. 11, 2016, 11:21 a.m.

Hotels.com Korea, an online hotel reservation platform, surveyed 500 millennials (born between the early 1980s and 2000s), 75 percent of whom replied that they will be “playing Pokémon Go during this summer holiday.” More specifically, 50 percent of all respondents said they will spend “about three hours each day” hunting for the virtual reality critters. 

The survey also revealed that 49 percent of holiday seekers chose free Wi-Fi service (for unlimited play of Pokémon Go) as most important when choosing accommodations (multiple response), followed by accessibility to major attractions (40 percent) and free breakfast (35 percent). 

Busan was chosen by 51 percent of respondents when asked which city they’d want to visit most to catch Pokémon, assuming the game officially launches in Korea, followed by Sokcho (48 percent), Jeju (39 percent), Seoul (37 percent), and Incheon (32 percent). 

Although Pokémon Go has yet to be launched officially in Korea, a GPS loophole in the game has allowed for its operation in certain regions across South Korea, including Sokcho, Ulsan, and Ulleungdo. The game’s unexpected availability in has attracted unusual number of visitors in recent weeks. 

“The game can only be played at limited locations across the country, but gamer interest in Pokémon Go is still high,” said Kim Sang-beom, CEO of Hotels.com Korea. “We expect to see continued increase in popularity for domestic locations with PokéStops (where Pokémon Go players can obtain various items) amongst gamers.”

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