Korean Rapper Outsider Battles Twista on "Star Warz"

Sensitive Artist, Jan. 22, 2015, 6:42 p.m.

The Eastern Hemisphere meets the West in a collaboration track titled "Star Warz", showcasing two amazing rappers going head to head. The two rappers are American rapper Twista, and the other is South Korea's own fastest rapper Outsider. The track features a dramatic and impressive sound, and you can hear the two artists rapping as quickly as they can to the beat of the track.

Outsider (Shin Ok Cheol) is from Seoul, Korea, and is a 31 year old rapper who is best known for his extremely quick rapping ability. He was signed by ASSA Communication, and it was rumored that he is able to rap an impressive 21 syllables a second.

American rapper Twista has built a reputation for himself as a popular rapper, being featured in multiple hit songs and being featured on chart-topping tracks. In 1992, he earned the title of "fastest rapper in the world", according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of his famous songs include "Wetter", "Slow Jamz", and "Overnight Celebrity".

"Star Warz" features a very dramatic sound that heavily utilizes string instruments. You can hear drums that beat in half-time, which is a sound that is more similar to dubstep rather than New York City boom bap rap.

The track "Star Warz" switches artists and languages on a whim, and with Outsider and Twista both rapping as quickly as they can, it is difficult to keep up. This brings a very unique but interesting rhythm where the words are not as meaningful as the delivery of the artistic and musical way the lyrics are performed. The condensed lyrics are difficult to keep track of, which will definitely have many listeners checking out the lyrics online to see what the rappers are saying.

In the midst of the rapping is an auto-tuned chorus that repeatedly holds the track together to give it that pop sound. Near the middle of the track, a surprising guitar solo begins to play throwing a curveball at listeners.

The video for the track "Star Warz" is partly set in an MMA ring, and features UFC fighter Choi Doo Ho, symbolizing that the track is more of a battle than a song. You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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