Korean Re-Make of CBS Series 'The Good Wife' Underway!

AJ Lee, Dec. 22, 2015, 3 p.m.

On December 22nd, CJ E&M confirmed that they would be remaking the hit American show 'The Good Wife' from CBS! The media conglomerate shared, "We are confirmed to produce a remake of American CBS drama 'The Good Wife'. We plan to air it through cable TV channel tvN in 2016."

'The Good Wife' tells the story of a wife who returns to the workforce as a lawyer after previously quitting once she got married. The main character makes a return to her initial profession after 13 years in order to take responsibility for her family's livelihood, which becomes at stake after her husband's political scandals and issues of corruption.

It was revealed that producer Cho Moon Ju had decided to take on the remake of the American television series because of the main character's ability to grow mentally and the focus on her feelings. Director Lee Jung Hyo, known for his work on 'I Need Romance 2012' and 'Witch's Romance', will be heading the production, with the script written by Han Sung Woon, who also wrote for the Korean drama 'Spy'.

Are you excited to see this re-make?

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