Korea’s Blue House Encourages High Level Talks

kpopluv, Oct. 20, 2014, 9:14 a.m.

Seoul believes high-level talks with North Korea will take place as scheduled late this month or early next month, despite increasing hostilities at the border.  Ju Chul-ki, the senior presidential secretary for foreign affairs, told reporters Sunday, "I believe the second high-level contact between the two Koreas will go off without a hitch and we are making preparations."

Ju said the talks were agreed when a delegation of senior North Korean officials visited Incheon for the closing ceremony of the Asian Games.  Ju flatly rejected North Korean accusations that South Korea's stubbornness was to blame for the lack of progress in recent military talks. He said inter-Korean dialogue has been based on "mutual trust" and Seoul has done nothing wrong.

He added Seoul hopes to raise the issue of North Korea's nuclear weapons program and human rights abuses at the international level. "The nuclear weapons and human rights are issues that the entire world is concerned about."  

But the North continued its verbal attacks against South Korea. It criticized President Park Geun-hye's comments at the Asia-Europe Meeting on Friday calling on the North to stop its military provocations return to the dialogue table. It said her remarks were "reckless and damage the atmosphere of dialogue." 

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