Korea’s First World Cup Game Will Be Against Russia

D-Bo , June 16, 2014, 11:28 p.m.

The Korean national team is poised to face Russia in their first World Cup match.  Both teams are in Group H.  The first match is crucial for both countries. Russia is ranked 19th in the world, much higher than Korea's 57th, and led by world-famous manager Fabio Capello from Italy. The team boasts a well-organized defense. 

Capello is a tough opponent for Korean Manager Hong Myung-bo to handle, with 13 titles under his belt from his spells with AC Milan, AS Roma, Juventus, and Real Madrid. He has coached the Russian national team since 2012.

The Daily Mail reported that Capello is the highest paid manager at the World Cup with almost 7 million pounds, compared to Hong's 474,000 pounds (W800 million), which put him in 23rd place among 32 national bosses. 

Capello is renowned for building strong defenses, carrying on the tradition of the Italian "catenaccio" or chain system. Russia only allowed five goals in 10 games in the European qualifiers. 

With his strong charisma, Capello is well placed to implement his defensive tactics. In order to maximize organization of the team, Capello filled the entire 23-man roster with players from the Russian league only. 

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