BTS Make Fun Of Each Other On Naver V App!

Olivia Jung, March 21, 2017, 4:46 p.m.

On a recent episode of ‘Run BTS 2017’ a variety show dedicated for BTS on Naver V App, the KPOP group had fun with one another! The members of BTS were playing a “spy game” during this episode, which marks the 15th episode aired of the show. During the show, Jin jokingly made fun of Jimin by claiming that he was short in his height, Jimin retorted back by saying that Jin had short legs. In another segment, V complained about Rap Monster not letting him use the computer whenever he wanted, however Rap Monster said that he let V use the computer for approximately 43 minutes, and V still didn’t finish playing his game.

The boys are so funny! The show then wrapped up with the boys eating all types of delicious Korean food. The spy was even found in the later segment of the show.

These playful jokes were very fun to watch for fans.

Watch below!

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