[KPOP] H.O.T.’s Kangta discusses his drunkenness after H.O.T.’s break up

D-Bo, Sept. 13, 2013, 2:09 p.m.

When the 5 member Kpop boy band H.O.T. was disbanded in 2001, Kangta recalled attempting to drown his troubles in a pool of liquor on an episode of “Golden Fishery: radio Star. 


"I was going through some tough times in the aftermath of H.O.T's disbandment," Kangta said.

"There were a lot of friction between the members and fans. Instead of going back to my home in [the Seoul neighborhood of Yangjae-dong] Yangjae-dong, I ended up in [the neighborhood of] Junggye-dong and got myself dead drunk. I was still in formal wear, and my hair was even done. As I opened my eyes the next morning, I found myself on the road, still in formal wear, and sitting on the sidewalk."


Fortunately for the singer, whose real name is Ahn Chil Hyun, several H.O.T. fans on their way to school spotted him. One even helped Kangta hail a taxi.

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