'Kpop Star 6’ confirms 10 finalists

Angela Jung, Feb. 27, 2017, 10:32 a.m.

MBK Entertainment’s trainee Shannon has become the last contestant to join the final 10 of “Kpop Star 6.” The latest episode of the show aired Saturday featured performances by the final 10 contestants. The four most popular contestants were Jeon Min-ju, a former The Ark member, Shannon, Kriesha Tiu and Lee Soo-min, who was formerly on the show “Produce 101.” 

Among them, Shannon’s performance was the most popular on the Naver TV website, recording 882,619 views as of Monday. 

She sung the song “Who’s Your Mama?” in front of the judges and audience. Park Jin-young, who was one of the judges and wrote the song, praised her, saying, “(Shannon) sounded like a real entertainer. It was the best performance.” 

Yang Hyun-suk also showed a startled reaction to Shannon’s performance. 

Many viewers also praised the performances by The Ark’s former member Jeon Minju and Kriesha. It was the second most viewed “Kpop Star 6” video on Naver TV, recording 437,254 views as of Monday. 

The “Kpop Star 6” top 10 competition will be aired on March 5.

Visit Naver TV for more clips of the performances and comments by the show’s judges for the episode on Feb. 26. For more information, visit http://tv.naver.com/

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