Kris Will Be Filming in Prague and Begin Mediation with SM Entertainment

Maximiliano VCHK, June 23, 2014, 10:08 a.m.

Kris will start his acting career as he was hanging out in Prague, Czech Republic in order to start filming for the Chinese movie "Somewhere Only We Know" with Chinese director Xu Jing Lei!

According to inside Chinese entertainment sources, he will start filming on June 24th, and the director also announced that he would begin filming at 5:30p on June 24th Beijing time as well.

It has been stated that the movie will be about the romance between a successful careerwoman and other star rookie actors, and Kris will be playing the male lead. Many witnesses are claiming that they have spotted Kris in Prague walking around, which if true would mean that the movie is probably undeniably in the works.

Not only is he working on the movie, but Kris is also spending his time by actively participating in a charity campaign named "Heart Ali", with the help of Fan Bingbing and director Guo Jing Ming.

Last but not least, the planned mediation between SM Entertainment and Kris will be taking place on July 8th, so fans should hope that the two reach a mutual agreement for the hope of a better and brighter future.

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