Kwanghee reveals the "G-Dragon Friend Package" on Radio Star

Vivian Kang, March 22, 2017, 4:31 p.m.

Before leaving for the military, the last program that Kwanghee recorded on was MBC's 'Radio Star', broadcasted on March 22nd. There, he mentioned his friendship with Big Bang's G-Dragon.

Kwanghee said, "To be honest, my relationship with G-Dragon is not one where we contact each other frequently... It's hard even to meet up for a meal together." Kim Gu Ra then commented that he doesn't understand how the two are friends in the first place. Kwanghee looked embarrassed as he replied "I just happened to be acquainted with him."

He then went on to thank G-Dragon and explained, "One time, I was on my way to Jeju Island, and contacted G-Dragon to ask him to eat at a cafe there (called Cafe Monsant Aewol) for free."

"I was looking around the cafe and was getting ready to leave when suddenly a car pulls up right next to me and the person inside tells me to get in.  I asked, "Why?" and they just kept saying, "Get in". The car took me to a really expensive BBQ place. I ate a full course meal there, all for free... He didn't do that for anyone else, just for me." Kwanghee seemed very proud of that, but the MC's didn't approve, "That must be part of the G-Dragon friend package... He probably never received a phone call asking to eat there for free"."

Kwanghee was about to continue with more stories about encounters with the famous singer, but host Kim G Ra loudly declared that he's had enough, "Another G-Dragon story! You're going to the army soon, don't yout have any fun stories about yourself?"

With that, Kwanghee switched gears to talk about his plaastic surgery and himself in general, until Kim Gu Ra again complained "He talks too much about himself," making the audience laugh.

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