Kwanghee Selects Krystal & UEE as His Ideal Type in ZE:A Photoshoot for International bnt

Sensitive Artist, June 5, 2014, 10:37 a.m.

ZE:A has been keeping busy since the June 2nd release of their newest mini-album "First Homme", and "International bnt" has jumped up and enlisted the group for a photoshoot and interview.

The "International bnt" photoshoot stuck to a beach/spring style concept, with the boys lounging in sandals and boat shoes, with denim or shorts matched with thin airy tee-shirts or button ups. The boys can be seen relaxing in beach chairs and also dress up for nighttime in the spring, looking dressed to the nines in their sleek black formal suits.

In the interview, Kwanghee talked about fellow member Siwan, stating "If money goes into Siwan's pocket, it doesn't come back out."  When asked what his ideal type of woman was, he stated that Krystal and UEE were the types of women that he found ideal.

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