LABOUM Reaches Their Crowdfunding Goal in Record Time

David Song, Feb. 16, 2016, 9:24 a.m.

LABOUM recently announced that they would be creating a crowdfunding page in order to help create a budget for their upcoming music video, and it looks like after they appeared on the international crowdfunding platform Makestar, they reached their goal in only four hours! The LABOUM project generated a ton of online traffic as soon as it began, and they reached their goal for $8,261 in no time.


NH Media themselves were shocked at the sudden success of the LABOUM project. Makestar commented, "supporters from Korea, as well as Japan, China, USA, Europe, and other countries around the world participated in this music video production project. The fans of LABOUM from all over the world worked together as one."


The supporters will be given the tiered rewards that were listed on the crowdfunding site, with prizes including signed CDs, signed photo cards, as well as chance to special opportunities such as putting their names on ending credit of the music video, and visiting LABOUM at the set of the music video shooting.


Makestar has seen a lot of success in their K-pop crowdfunding for a multitude of causes which include the success of LABOUM’s music video production project as well as Stellar’s mini-album project campaign, which received 400% more funding than their original goal.


LABOUM is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2014 under NH Media and Nega Network. Their name means "the party" in French.

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