LABOUM Releases Sexy Teaser Photos of Yulhee and Haein for "Sugar Sugar"

Maximiliano VCHK, March 18, 2015, 9:11 a.m.

LABOUM has just released their next set of teaser pictures for "Sugar Sugar", and it features members Yulhee and Haein! After ZN and Soyeon's shoot as well as Solbin and Yujeong's, Yulhee and Haein followed along with the sexy and lovely concept theme photoshoot, showing off their vulnerability and sex appeal all at the same time.

The photos are taken from behind an open door, giving the shoot a perspective that they are getting a special sneak peek at LABOUM's comeback, piquing some interest and curiosity with the kind of song they'll be returning with.

You heard it here at!

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