LABOUM Supports South Korean Military

Hyo Jin Lee, June 15, 2016, 9:44 a.m.

K pop girl group LABOUM is continuing their duties as the official cheerleaders for the 'Thank you! Solders' campaign.  The campaign is designed to recognize the achievements and hard work of ROK's military personnel. LABOUM is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2014 under NH Media and Nega Network's joint venture Global H Media. Their name means "the party" in French.

LABOUM's official Facebook page shared several pictures of the girls serving as the judging panel during a talent show, performing a medley of their hit songs, and even singing right alongside the nation's protectors! The girls also wrote a cute message which read, "LABOUM visited the GOP unit! We reveal LABOUM transformed as judges for the soldiers' talent show. We had a great time with all the soldiers! GOP unit's soldiers, we are always thankful! Please stay strong!!

LABOUM also visited the ROK's Marine Corps, serving their food and sitting down for an intimate, lunch date with them. You can see the members mingling among the soldiers, putting happy smiles on their faces. LABOUM relayed how honored they were to be the cheerleaders for these hardworking soldiers, writing, "Armed forces' cheerleaders LABOUM visited the Marine Corps today! We distributed the food and even ate with them! The food was so good! Fighting to all the solders!

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