Ladies Code EunB Wake to Be Held Korea University Anan Hospital

D-bo, Sept. 3, 2014, 8:39 a.m.

On September 3rd, Polaris Entertainment released the details of EunB’s wake, which is being held at the Korea University Anam Hospital. Family and friends are currently visiting the wake to pay their respect on EunB’s passing.

Meanwhile, Rise and Sojung are currently being treated at the University Hospital in Suwon. Rise, who underwent surgery for nine hours, is currently being monitored, while Sojung is stable and will receive treatment for her fractures. 

Rise’s parents who are living in Japan is said to have flown to South Korea to stay with Rise while the in hospital.  Other members Ashley and Zuny did not sustain any major injuries but are said to be in great shock. They are still undergoing several tests and treatments. 

Polaris Entertainment further asked of the cooperation of everyone, to support EunB’s family and friends, who are undergoing shock and grief over these distressing times, and to the recovery of the members.


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