Ladies' Code's RiSe release still cut from 'So Wonderful' MV

michinGZB, Feb. 6, 2014, 11:05 a.m.

Ladies' Code, who has been climbing up charts with releases like "Bad Girl" and "Pretty Pretty", got fans intrigued with the release of their first teaser for an upcoming digital single 'So Wonderful'!

The girls have revealed a still cut from the MV teaser coming our way tomorrow!

Member RiSe is cocooned in clear plastic leaving fans to wondering the meanings behind the scene.

The agency states regarding the photo, "This still cut, which is a part of 'So Wonderful's music video, has been released to show Rise's varying charms... We are currently preparing for a performance on stage that will allow Ladies' Code to appeal to the public of their unique charms in the K-Pop market. Please look forward to it."

Producer Super Changddai took part in writing the lyrics, composing, and arranging the song.

The MV is to be release on February 13 so be on the look out for these ladies!

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