Lady Jane and Hong Jin Ho Deny Even More Dating Rumors

Maximiliano VCHK, Aug. 26, 2014, 12:29 p.m.

Dating rumors regarding Lady Jane (age 30) and Hong Jin Ho (age 31) have risen up again after pictures of the two hanging out began to surface online.

An online community post was about the two stars, and a very recent two pictures of the stars were posted, garnering a lot of attention. The netizen who posted the photos of the (alleged) two stars stated that the two seemed to be very intimate, even placing their hands on each others thighs at times while enjoying a meal together.

Lady Jane's representative made an official response stating, "We are aware that Lady Jane meets and dines with Hong Jin Ho often... The 'I Need More Romance' ('Real Romance') family and her close friends [occasionally] hang out together. It's not that she eats with only Hong Jin Ho... [Lady Jane] goes out to eat with Jun Hyun Moo, Jo Se Ho, and other 'I Need More Romance' members often out of friendship."

Hong Jin Ho's representatives spoke to Ilgan Sports saying, "The two are normally very close so they have a lot of skinship. Even on set, they don't mind showing skinship [towards each other] without hesitation, but those around them get suspicious a lot. But they are not dating."

Lady Jane has previously cracked a joke that she had "some" semblance of a relationship with Hong Jin Ho during the "Blue Spring Festival 2014" ("Youth Festival 2014") last June, triggering rumors of dating.  Both sides however, clearly stated that they simply have a very strong opp-dongseng relationship.

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