Lai Kuan Lin loses lawsuit battle against Cube Entertainment!

Jane Lee , Nov. 21, 2019, 10:21 a.m.

On November 21, it was reported that former Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin lost the contract termination request against Cube Entertainment. Lai Kuan Lin filed a termination request against Cube Entertainment after they allegedly signed over his management rights while he was away, without permission from him or his family. 

Cube Entertainment released a statement regarding the issue, "We welcome the court's decision. We're letting you know once again that there's no reason for Cube and Lai Kuan Lin's exclusive contract to be terminated. According to the court's decision, we'll be continuing our exclusive contract with Lai Kuan Lin, and we plan to come to a mutual solution through discussion with him." 

Stay tune for more updates!~ 

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