Late actress Han Ji Sung revealed to have had the alcohol level of 0.1% during her fatal car accident

Jun Ko, May 20, 2019, 4:51 p.m.

On May 20th, reports showed that the late actress Han Ji Sung had been driving under the influence during the time of her accident. A nearby CCTV had captured her and her husband leaving the restaurant at around 3:10 AM KST on May 6th, which was 40 minutes before the accident that took her life. 

It was revealed that their table at the restaurant had around 5-6 bottles of soju; an employee of the restaurant confirmed that Han Ji Sung's husband consumed alcohol. Investigation of the accident revealed that Han Ji Sung held the alcohol level of 0.1%, which was grounds for the suspension of one's driver license. With the evidence gathered, Han's husband is currently capable of being charged with negligent driving. 

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