Law Firm Representing Jang Yoon Jung's Brother's Case Against Her Withdraws

Songee Kim, Nov. 24, 2015, 9:36 a.m.

On November 23rd, 'MBN Star' reported that the law firm handling Jang Yoon Jung's brother Jang Kyung Young's case has submitted their resignation to the court. It seems the heated legal battle between the siblings has taken a toll on Jang Kyung Young's representatives as they've officially withdrawn from the case.

MBN Star reported, "Suro, the law firm that was representing Jang Kyung Young in his 320 million KRW (an estimated $275,936 USD) lawsuit against his sister Jang Yoon Jung, has submitted its resignation form to the court," confirming the representatives' leave from the case only three weeks ahead of its first plea date for both side's appeals.

Suro has also stepped forward to confirm the news of their resignation, but declined to reveal further details about the reason behind their withdrawal.

If you recall, the unending battle between the siblings first began last march, when trot singer Jang Yoon Jung had submitted an injunction in court to be paid back the money her brother had borrowed from her previously. Jang Yoon Jung admitted that her brother had borrowed a total of 500 million KRW (an estimated $431,355 USD) from her, under the pretense that the cash was for an investment. However, after borrowing the money, he only paid back 180 million KRW (about $155,246 USD), failing to pay back the rest of his debt.

Jang Kyung Young claimed that the money he borrowed from his sister didn't exceed 130 million KRW (an estimated $112,122 USD), and that the remaining 350 million KRW (about $301,868) was borrowed from the siblings' mother, Yuk Heung Bok.

At the conclusion of the case's first trial, the courts ruled in favor of Jang Yoon Jung, ordering Jang Kyung Young to repay 320 million KRW to his sister. However, it seems Jang Kyung Young wasn't ready to give up quite yet, as he submitted an appeal immediately after the ruling.

When will this drama end?

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