"Law of the Jungle" PD praises iKON's Song Yun Hyeong's different image

Jessica Lee, Oct. 27, 2017, 3:09 p.m.

"Law of the Jungle" recently took place on Taveuni Island in Fiji and Apink's Chorong and Bomi and iKON's Song Yun Hyeong joined the cast for the trip. PD Kim Jin Ho praised Song Yun Hyeong and commented on how different he was from the image that he projects on stage. 

He told OSEN, "It seems Song Yun Hyeong has watched the show before. I had high expectations even though it was his first time going into the jungle. I was blown away by how amazing he was." 

He continues, "Even though YG presents all their artists with a sophisticated and mysterious image, he was the complete opposite in real life. During the trip, other members would call out 'Hey, maknae' and he would reply 'Yes, coming~." He was able to freely interact with the others because of this. 

Other staff members commented on Song Yun Hyeong's survival skills and that the idol was a quick learner. Even though he was the youngest, he quickly volunteered for fishing, diving, and cooking that he was nicknamed, "Jungle mania."  

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