Lawyer Discusses Why Jung Joon Young was Primary Reason for Main Chatroom Being Fully Revealed

BanSeok Shin, April 11, 2019, 5:12 p.m.

On the April 11th show of JTBC's 'Lee Kyu Yeon's Spotlight' the lawyer who reported the infamous 'Burning Sun Chatroom' to the 'Anti-Corruption and Civil Right Commission' was invited to discuss circumstances around the 'Burning Sun' situation. During the discussion he revealed how he believes that Jung Joon Young was the primary reason that contents and members of the chatroom were made known in detail to investigators and the general public. Many may think that the 'Burning Sun' club incident and Seungri's association with the club were the beginning of this whole controversy, but according to the lawyer, they were not the main force that keeps driving the scandal on. The lawyer explained that Seungri regularly suggest to chatroom members to (temporarily) leave the chat so that the previous messages as well as evidence of them previously being in the chatroom would be deleted. This occurred in other chatrooms as well. However, Jung Joon Young did not leave any of the chatrooms and thus all of the data from the previous conversations as well as the chatrooms themselves ended up being preserved.


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