Lee Boo-jin Offers to Pay for Taxi Driver-Hotel Incident

Johnson Park, March 19, 2014, 4:25 p.m.

Lee Boo-jin , Samsung heiress and Shilla Hotel president, offered to cover the damages to a hotel lobby that an elderly cab driver rammed his vehicle into. The incident broke the revolving doors and injured 4 people along the way.  The cab driver, Hong, accidently drove his vehicle through the doors into the hotel lobby on February 25th. Reconstruction of the doors will cost hundreds of millions of won, and the taxi drivers’ union is only able to cover 50 million won.

The Shilla Hotel president informed Hong that she would cover the expenses and pay for the hospital fees of the victims. Lee had an executive visit Hong’s single room flat, where he lives by himself since his wife was hospitalized after she had a stroke. Hong thanked the executive multiple times as he wept.


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