Lee Byung Hun Gives Out Official Apology Statement to His Fans

Maximiliano VCHK, Sept. 5, 2014, 1:05 p.m.

Lee Byung Hun released an official letter of apology to his fans after a recent blackmailing case surfaced in the news. Although Lee Byung Hun was the victim of the blackmailing, many fans were questioning why the cirumstances were as such.

Lee Byung Hun was reportedly in his newlywed home with two women while his wife, actress Lee Min Jung, was away from home. The content of the blackmail video as well as his reported inappropriate conversation with the two women has created some damage to his reputation.

On September 5th, Lee Byung Hun released an official apology letter on his homepage as well as BH Entertainment's Facebook. The letter reads: "This is Lee Byung Hun.

I know that many of you felt extreme disappointment due to this recent incident. Neither my mind nor my heart are working properly, and I'm currently passing the time by just breathing.

No matter if the incident was planned or whether I was threatened, before I blame those things I know that it all started because of my carelessness and lack of virtue, and I deeply regret my actions and am spending my time reflecting on them. As an actor who received love from many people, I'm feeling the responsibility in my bones. 

And what's most important and causes me the most pain is that I disappointed and hurt those I love and care for the most. Though they're receiving so much unwanted attention and going through a difficult time because of me, I'll be trying my hardest for the rest of my life to no longer disappoint my family and wife who've stood beside me.

Though I can't take back the disappointment I've caused you, I'll use discretion for everything in the future. I'll try to live by doing my best with the work I'm given, and I will always reflect on how big the responsibility of the love and interest you give me is."

As was mentioned previously, Lee Byung Hun filed a police report against an unnamed model "B" and GLAM's Dahee. The two women attempted to blackmail the actor for a sum of 5 billion KRW (approx. 5 million USD) by threatening him with a damaging video.

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