Lee Byung Hun's Wife Lee Min Jung Is 27 Weeks Pregnant

Sensitive Artist, Jan. 19, 2015, 10:09 a.m.

Celebrity couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung have released some more surprising news, and this time it's because Lee Min Jung's agency MS Team Entertainment has announced that the actress is pregnant!

The official statement of the agency reads:

"Lee Min Jung is currently 27 weeks pregnant.  It is a blessing for a family when the wife is with child, but because of the recent scandalous situation, we were careful about disclosing this.  We had no choice but to worry about when to release the information about her pregnancy as we paid attention to the surroundings for the sake of the mother's stability.  

We hope you understand that we had no choice but to worry about when to release this information because of the various situations.  Firstly, thanks to the people who worried because of the series of events.  Despite all her concerns, she will settle her heart for her family and do her best.  We will work hard to show a good image to the people who waited and watched over us up to now.  

We hope that you would send warm blessings and support to Lee Min Jung, who has taken her first step as the mother of a child.  The expected date of birth will be in April, so to match this time, she will reside in South Korea and focus on preparing for the birth."

A big congratulations goes to the couple from Koogle.tv. We wish them luck and quick closure on the recent scandal.

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