Lee Dong Wook Enticing in 'Marie Claire' Pictorial

BanSeok Shin, May 20, 2019, 11:55 a.m.

Lee Dong Wook put on a captivating show for his most recent pictorial with 'Marie Claire' Magazine. He made himself look quite enticing as he modeled 'Bleu de Chanel' and 'Boy de Chanel' for the magazine's June 2019 issue. He also joined the magazine for an interview. During the interview he was asked about being a host on idol survival show 'Produce X 101' and he said, "I've experienced a variety of emotions while working on 'Produce X 101', but ultimately I know I made the right decision, joining the program, due to the strength and courage I've gained watching these young performers." You can read the rest of the interview in the upcoming issue, however, pictures from his photoshoot are available below!

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