Lee Eun Sung, Jung Sa Kang, Lee Woo Jin, and Kim Joon Wook of The East Light no longer with Media Line Entertainment

Jun Ko, Oct. 23, 2018, 12:54 p.m.

Members Lee Eun Sung, Jung Sa Kang, Lee Woo Jin, and Kim Joon Wook of The East Light are no longer with Media Line Entertainment. Following the news of the physical and verbal abuse that the members suffered from, Media Line Entertainment made the decision of nullifying their exclusive contracts. 

The news was confirmed through an announcement from Media Line Entertainment: "This is Media Line Entertainment. After a great deal of consideration, we are announcing that we have nullified the exclusive contracts we have with the remaining four members of The East Light (Lee Eun Sung, Jung Sa Kang, Lee Woo Jin, and Kim Joon Wook). We have spent a long time discussing with the remaining members and their parents the past three days. We were planning on having a press conference as soon as possible so that the members could attend.

However, we were worried about the new hardships that they would have to face during the press conference and came to the conclusion that the best thing for their futures was to nullify our contracts with them. We are currently going through the process with the parents of the four members. 

We had a lot of concern for their futures after the contract nullification, but we hope that you will continue to support their dreams. We also hope that they will no longer be hurt and that their past injuries will heal.

Additionally, we will no longer be responding to the media in regards to the issue as a means of consideration for the pain that all the members of The East Light have faced. We will diligently respond to the legal investigations to take responsibility for what happened and to take preventive measures so it will not happen again. We request that everyone stop spreading guesses as that could hurt the members and mess with the investigation results that have yet to come out." 

The East Light

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