Lee Gookju Divulges About Last Relationship & How She Dealt with a Break Up!

Anna Park, Sept. 25, 2015, 9:17 a.m.

On the September 25th episode of JTBC's 'Witch Hunt', comedienne and TV personality Lee Gookju kept it real and honest, sharing when her last relationship was and how she dealt with breakups! The popular gag-woman, previously linked to BTS's Jin (although she denied it later on 'Radio Star'), disclosed some entertaining information about herself.

In regards to her last relationship, Lee Gookju divulged, "My most recent breakup was two years ago. That's why I questioned whether I was fit to appear [on this show]. So many flashy people appeared [on 'Witch Hunt'] before. In comparison to others, I was turned down a lot, and I can definitely tell if something is a 'some' or not," evoking laughter from everyone in the studio.

Lee Gookju also revealed how she dealt with a past breakup, sharing, "In the past, after I broke up with my boyfriend, I drank for three months. It was amazing to me that I was still alive. At one point, I was sleeping and woke up to crinkled foil next to me. I realized that I had bought three rolls of kimbap, ate two rolls, and was working on the third one when I fell asleep. I thought to myself that people really don't die easily."

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