Lee Hwi Jae and Wife Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

Hyo Kyung Kim, Dec. 11, 2016, 1:42 p.m.

Actor Lee Hwi Jae and his florist wife Moon Jung Won are celebrating their 6th year anniversary.  Moon Jung Won wrote on her Instagram, "@Koji-san, who prepared a surprise cake for us, thank you."

Lee Hwi Jae is a South Korean TV presenter, comedian actor, and singer. Lee studied theater at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, then made his TV debut in 1992 as a comedian after working as a floor director for MBC's entertainment program Sunday, Sunday Night. He shot to stardom in the program Life Theater. Since then, he has expanded his career to hosting variety shows such as Sang Sang PlusSponge and Quiz to Change the World. He was the third highest-paid entertainer at MBC in 2008, earning ₩574.5 million.

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