Lee Hwi Jae takes legal action against several netizens who wrote malicious comments about his father.

Michelle Kim , June 9, 2017, 10:52 a.m.

Lee Hwi Jae has filed a lawsuit against 8 netizens who had bad and malicious comments about his father. On June 8, a representative from Lee Hwi Jae’s label Koen Stars stated, "Lee Hwi Jae recently filed a lawsuit against malicious commenters at Cyber Investigation Division in Mapo Police Department."

In continuation, the rep stated, "He has been gathering a lot of data regarding the malicious commenters. He took action against 8 netizens for now but he plans to take legal action (against more netizens) if the act continues. He has been having a hard time as the degree of malicious comments about his family has become severe. We hope that people know malicious comments can become a great pain to a celebrity's family."

Lee Hwi Jae and his family is currently going through a tough time as his father is battling with Alzheimer’s disease. On last month’s appearance on ‘Superman is Back’, his inability to recognize Lee Hwi and his children broke many hearts and brought tears to many viewers. 

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