Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Hoon Share with Fans an Intimate Side of their Marriage

kpopluv, March 19, 2014, 11:14 a.m.

Lee Hyori recently made a guest appearance on SBS’s radio program, Jang Ki Ha’s Amazing Radio program.  Husband Lee Sang Hoon has been temporarily been a DJ for the radio program.  The couple answered fans questions about their marriage.

One caller called in and asked, "Unnie, oppa, do you guys cook at home?"  Lee Hyori replied, "We do it every day.  There's actually nowhere to eat here.  I realized it was hard to decide what to eat for lunch and dinner.  Every day, we need to cook something new.  It'd be comfortable for us if we could eat the same food, but that's hard."

Lee Sang Soon said, "Lee Hyori cooks daily.  Lee Hyori cooked before on TV; she has good sense.  She doesn't follow the standard procedure but does it however she wants and it still tastes good."

They were also asked when they first fought after becoming a married couple.  Lee Hyori revealed, "We fought for the first time on our honeymoon.  We thought we'd be an exception, but we had a round."  Lee Sang Soon added, "There was no special reason."

Lee Hyori elaborated, "It was a difference in our personalities.  I have to draw a firm line, but Sang Soon oppa is very wishy washy and goes round and round so I was frustrated and exploded.  Rather than a fight, it was very one-sided with me ranting and oppa saying he was sorry.  That's how it finished," and laughed.

Lee Sang Soon asked her, "This is your first time staying on Jeju Island for such a long time.  What changed the most for you?"  Lee Hyori replied, "I don't look at the time. There's no clock in our house.  Beforehand, I would look at the clock and lived accordingly to it, but here, I don't calculate anything based on the date or time.

Also, I came to really depend on my husband because I have no friends or family here. Because our house is up in the mountains, I, very unlike myself, cling onto my husband and get scared of being alone when he leaves.  In Seoul, I would ignore him, but on Jeju Island, I live while leaning on him," and laughed again.

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