Lee Hyori Continues Blogging, While Thanking Fans

luvsmiling, July 5, 2014, 7:17 p.m.

Lee Hyori’s Naver blog has been receiving extreme popularity since launching earlier this year.  She recently updated her blog by thanking fans for the support and also apologizing for not being able to reply to every comment. 

On the Fourth of July, she released this statement, "I really thank all the people who are visiting my blog. Because the visitor and comment numbers are so high, I'm unable to reply to each, so I'm sorry. Still, I'm reading the comments here and there and receiving a lot of good energy."

She continued, "I think what's good about a blog is the ability to communicate, but I feel like I'm always posting blogs and reading the comments by myself. I think some of you may feel that as well. I'm trying to make a day so you can put up questions about things you're curious about and I'll respond. If you write questions for this post, I'll select some and answer~ Well, I hope you have a comfortable day."

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