Lee Hyori Praises TWICE's Tzuyu's Flawless Looks!

Rachel Kang, July 24, 2017, 3:16 p.m.

Did a KPOP legend just compliment a future legend!? Recently the KPOP legend Lee Hyori, was featured as one of the first guests on J.Y. Park's very own talk show, which is titled 'Park Jin Young's Party People'. One of the points that Hyori mentioned in the interview with JYP was that Hyori found TWICE's Tzuyu to be essentially extremely pretty. She then elaborated that during her time at Jeju Island, her interest in the music industry had decreased.

However, if there was an individual that's compared to herself, she allegedly claimed that she always searches that individual up. 

This is an extremely rewarding compliment for TWICE's very own Tzuyu!

Congratulations Tzuyu!

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