Lee Hyun Woo Plays Role of a Bad Boy in “Harper’s Bazaar”

Nicholas Kim, Jan. 29, 2016, 9:24 a.m.

Young actor Lee Hyun Woo showed off his bad boy persona in the solo photoshoot with “Harper’s Bazaar”, and it looks like everyone’s been waiting for this! Lee Hyun Woo looks apathetic with his wet hair, chewing bubble gum, and looking away from the camera as if he’s bored and looking for something better to do with his time instead of modeling for a shoot.


Lee Hyun Woo is currently starring in the drama “Murim School”, and his full photoshoot will be in the upcoming issue of “Harper’s Bazaar”!


Lee Hyun-woo (born March 23, 1993) is a South Korean actor and singer. As a child actor, Lee built his filmography in television series such as The Return of Iljimae and Queen Seondeok. Upon reaching his teenage years, he became better known for his roles in Master of StudyMan from the EquatorTo the Beautiful You, and particularly for the 2013 hit film Secretly, Greatly.

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