Lee Je-hoon goes for manly

Lena Kim, April 19, 2016, 10:27 a.m.

Actor Lee Je-hoon, who starred in popular TV drama “Signal,” is featured in fashion magazine Elle.  In the photos released Tuesday, he showcases a manly style by wearing together various looks, such as a black suit and a black leather jacket. 

“In real life, I am usually relaxed and calm. But when I get a chance to express freely in projects and photo spreads, I try to enjoy them as much as possible. Today, it was nice to portray a different side of me, such as a dark, twisted image.” In the upcoming flick “Phantom Detective,” he plays cold and sometimes cowardly detective Hong Gil-dong.

“I was worried if this kind of character would be loved by viewers, but as an actor, it was very fun to act. The film’s background, ambience and the outfit are kind of unfamiliar. But I am certain it will offer something fresh to the audience,” he said.

Lee’s pictures and a video of the photo shoot will be released on Elle’s official website and its social media accounts. 

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