Lee Je-hoon talks about his ideal type and dating

Ashley Song, April 27, 2016, 10:37 a.m.

Actor Lee Je-hoon, who is starring in new flick “Phantom Detective,” talked about why he is single for the past six years and revealed his ideal female type in an interview with local media Wednesday, April 26. 

“I made my debut and began acting at a not-so-young age. So I was desperate,” the 31-year-old actor said. “Right before entering the compulsory military service, I didn’t have much time left. So I only focused on acting. And after the military service, I wanted to show a good, refreshed side of me (to the viewers). I wanted to do well. And naturally, dating was on the back burner.”

“At that time, dating to me seemed less important,” he said. “And a year and two passed, without realizing time flew. It occurred to me that six years have passed. I should have dated during those times.”

“I think I should start dating now,” he continued.

When asked what kind of girl he finds attractive, he said he doesn’t really have an ideal type. “I would just like to be able to talk a lot about many things, such as personal interest. I hope she likes watching movies and we can share our music (preferences). I would like a person who I can communicate with well and be comfortable just like friends.”

“I think love at first sight and chasing after the person to win (her) heart period is gone now. Appearance is temporary for me. I am dreaming of a love where we can slowly get to know each other and develop a relationship together.”

In the action flick “Phantom Detective,” Lee plays detective Hong Gil-dong, who goes after the largest organized crime gang in Korea. Actor Kim Sung-kyun, who starred in drama “Reply 1988,” will play the villain and actress Go Ara is also among the cast.

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