Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM's Dahee Charged with Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun

Inquisitive Bro-migo, Sept. 30, 2014, 11:52 a.m.

Model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM member Dahee have both been charged with blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun by the prosecution after an intensive investigation into the rumors that surrounded the celebrities.

The Seoul Prosecutors' Office released their findings on September 30th stating that Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee have both been charged with blackmail. The prosecution stated that there was no evidence that suggested Lee Ji Yeon's claim that she and Lee Byung Hun had dated by saying, "There is nothing to prove that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon were dating."

According to the findings from the prosecution, the three celebrities first spent time together on July 1st after being introduced by an acquaintance. They met a few more times after that for drinks, and Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee both schemed to extort a house or money from the actor. If the actor refused to provide them with what they wanted, they would threaten him with a video that was taken on July 3rd.

The two girls planned to capture a video of Lee Byung Hun and Dahee hugging. Last month on August 29th, the two women called Lee Byung Hun to come over to Dahee's home and Lee Ji Yeon's phone was set up near the sink to capture the moment. However, the actor did not end up hugging Dahee, so Lee Ji Yeon came into the home and threatened the actor with records of their lewd conversation and threatened him. Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon brought two travel bags and demanded 5 billion Korean Won, to which the actor responded by leaving and calling the police. On September 1st, authorities arrived to arrest the two women.

Lee Ji Yeon had posted on her SNS account a photo showing a cosmetics set, wine, and more that were supposedly gifts from "B" or "Lee Santa". It is speculated that these photos were posted to set up the scheme since it is known that Lee Byung Hun frequently provides his acquaintances with gifts.

The prosecution continued on to state that both girls were motivated by their need for money due to Lee Ji Yeon not making much from her modeling career, and Dahee actually being in debt to her agency for 300 million KRW (approx. $284,300 USD) which is presumed to be the costs of training and promotional expenses which she has had difficulty paying due to her lack of group activities.

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