Lee Ji Yeon's Mother Apologizes But Reminds Lee Byung Hun That He Is Married

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Jan. 16, 2015, 10:38 a.m.

After a verdict was reached regarding the blackmail case involving GLAM's Dahee, Lee Byung Hun, and model Lee Ji Yeon, the latter's daughter spoke to the press about her personal thoughts and opinions regarding the outcome of the case.

Outside of the courthouse on the day of the hearing, Lee Ji Yeon's mother spoke in front of the cameras and bowed her head while saying, "As it is my daughter's crime, it is also my crime, and I will reflect with her... Although we do feel wronged about some aspects of the verdict, on the actual blackmail and threats, I am sorry about it. I am sorry if we have caused any further harm to Lee Byung Hun while trying to prove our own claims."

After the trial was over, one of the media outlets had an interview with the mother in order to ask for further details on what she meant in her apology. She explained, "All this time, I did not speak with the media because I was afraid I could say something wrong and it would influence the verdict my daughter would receive. But what I said, about being sorry for causing such trouble, is sincere. Ji Yeon is reflecting on her actions and I'm also reflecting with her."

When asked what her thoughts were when the whole blackmail case had surfaced, she stated, "I was really shocked. I thought my daughter's actions were stupid, but I also condemned the actions of [Lee Byung Hun], who is only three years younger than I am."

Regarding whether they felt regret regarding the verdict given, Lee Ji Yeon's mother stated, "Yes, there are regrets. What's most regretful is that the court had ruled that the blackmailing had been premediated. It was [Lee Byung Hun] who approached my daughter first. He was the one who kept telling Ji Yeon that he wanted to come over to her house and sent her selcas and kept in contact with her. I think my daughter, during that time, had misunderstood and thought that this world star thought her to be someone special. But in the end, Lee Byung Hun insisted that they did not have any special relationship and it was ruled that way. However, I'm really curious as to why a man, and a married man at that, continued to visit my daughter and asked her for sexual favors if they had no special relationship."

The mother also stated that she visits her daughter every single day at the jail she is being held at, even though the entire trip takes about 5 hours.

Upon being asked whether her daughter had any thoughts about the case she replied, "Because it's such a painful topic, she doesn't really talk about it. I don't know if it's because her father is currently battling cancer, but she just tells me 'don't worry about me, I'm fine.'"

On the topic of thinking of appealing the verdict, the mother stated that she was unsure. She said, "We have to decide after we consult with our lawyer. We already submitted the best evidence that we could during the trial already, but they did not have much of an effect in the ruling. So we're still thinking over whether we should appeal."

The media outlet then asked the mother if she had any final words that she wished to tell Lee Byung Hun to which she said, "I'm someone who has a daughter. I'm also someone who has to reveal the truth. So if you suffered any additional harm during this process while we set out to reveal our side of the truth, I'm sorry. It seems you and Lee Min Jung are spending a happily wedded life. But remember that you are a married man. I hope that another case like my daughter will not come about. Please, don't make a second and third who end up like my daughter. Please don't do that."

Lee Ji Yeon's mother then ended the interview by warning, "I advised my daughter, who dreamed of being a celebrity, from the start to not take any money offered by anyone, even if it's from the agency, so that she may not find herself in a bad situation. So I'm really upset that this all happened. When she comes out [from prison], I will scold her and I will teach her right," as she cried.

Lee Ji Yeon is currently sentenced to serve a prison sentence of one year and two months, and GLAM's Dahee is sentenced to one year.

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