Lee Jong Suk Discusses Playing the Role of a Villain in ‘Cosmopolitan’

Nicholas Kim, Nov. 17, 2016, 8:52 a.m.

Lee Jong Suk recently discussed his newest movie and career plans in his latest photoshoot with ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine! The actor announced that he will be showing off his very first villain role for his upcoming film ‘VIP’. Lee Jong Suk discussed his newest character by saying, ‘Like it says, it's villainous. He's a person who is just pure evil with no reason or cause. Usually, there's a process where a change in a character's emotions take place but the role I play doesn't have any of that. He's a never-before-seen villain.’


Lee Jong Suk then shared his hard work ethic by saying, ‘I used to be scared and struggled with acting. That's why I kept on doing productions without a break. But I think it has become natural now over time.’


Lee Jong Suk doesn’t just act however! He also spends time to design new clothes with his friends, and gave an explanation on his new design ‘Hug and Kiss’. He commented, ‘Usually, when we provide comfort for someone, we stretch our arms and try to give them a hug by saying 'Come here'. So I thought of 'Hug', which relates to everyone, and 'Kiss' for couples.’

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