Lee Jung Hee Indicted on Charges of Child Abuse

Kyung Ho Kim, Nov. 12, 2015, 9:43 a.m.

Earlier this year, the internet was buzzing of news of abuse and rape of Lee Jung Hee and her two sons.  Back in July, it was revealed that the entire story was fabricated and Lee Jung Hee was arrested.  She has been formally indicted by the Seoul prosecution office.  Furthermore, a shaman with the surname Kim was arrested for being the mastermind behind Lee Jung Hee’s actions. Both women were also charged with making false accusations.

Previously, Lee Jung Hee (44 years old) claimed that she had been sexually abused by her husband (now ex-husband), her father-in-law, and numerous individuals. Lee Jung Hee and her two sons first made pleas about their situation online and gathered global attention. The mother stated that during her 20-year marriage she had been raped by about 1000 people while her sons were raped by about 300 people.

However, investigations revealed that the shaman (56 years old) had been manipulating them in order to sue the husband (45 years old). The shaman emotionally coerced them into testifying about being victims of various crimes and sexual abuse. The police have revealed that they are investigating how real estate that belonged to Lee Jung Hee had become the shaman’s property. Meanwhile, the two sons have been separated from their mother and are receiving treatment at a hospital and becoming mentally stable.

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