Lee Jung Hyun talks about her weight loss for her new movie

James Han, June 15, 2017, 9:58 a.m.

Today, the cast of 'The Battleship Island' held a press conference in Yongsan. 'The Battleship Island' is a film about Koreans who were enslaved by Japan as coal miners. They were sent to Hashima Island where they were forced into a labor camp. During this Press conference, Lee Jung Hyun talked about her weight loss and how hard it was.

 Lee Jung Hyun shared that She lost about 15 lbs during the movie. Since the actors had to show the harsh treatment that coal miners got back in the day, they all had to be on strict diet. All the actors lost between 4 lbs to 66 lbs filming for the movie. 

Lee Jung Hyun shared that Song Joong Ki was a big help on set, he gave her chicken breast shakes and weight loss drinks to encourage her. 

At the press conference, all the actors shared that it was hard not to continue on their diet after seeing actual pictures of the people from that time. 

Check out more pictures from the press conference below!

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