Lee Jung Jin and former 9Muses' member Euaerin are dating!

Jessica Lee, Jan. 11, 2018, 9:45 a.m.

There's even more dating news! It's been confirmed that actor Lee Jung Jin (40) and former 9Muses member Euaerin (30) are dating! There had been several reports about the couple and they reached out to the labels of both celebrities for confirmation.

Lee Jung Jin's label has confirmed, "The pair are dating. After checking with the actor, he's confirmed that they've been dating for 7 months. Please take care of them." A media outlet asked the label if the pair are considering marriage and they said, "It's too early to say anything about that." 

The pair were spotted golfing together 6 months ago and actually got closer because of their shared interest in golf. 

Congratulations to the couple! 

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