Lee Kwang Soo opens up about his relationship with Lee Sun Bin

Jun Ko, May 1, 2019, 11:23 a.m.

During an interview for the upcoming movie 'Inseparable Bros'. Lee Kwang Soo opened up about going public with his relationship with his girlfriend Lee Sun Bin back in December 2018: "It's just normal. We usually do what other couples do. We talk about our daily lives and go on dates. We don't really talk about work that much. We're both actors, but we don't discuss our special projects or acting with each other. We just spent time together like normal couples. We're doing well." 

He additionally answered the question of whether or not he was jealous of the tough roles Lee Sun Bin has as he's more known for comedic and silly roles: "I'm not jealous. It's really not like that." 

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