Lee Kwang Soo Starring in Chinese Dating Show

alex, April 7, 2015, 10:17 a.m.

Lee Kwang Soo will be appearing in a reality dating series in China, and it is speculated that he will be paired up with a well-known Chinese model and actress Lynn Hung. Super Junior's Siwon has previously starred in a similar dating show which is the Chinese version of "We Got Married."

It was revealed on April 7 by a representative of King Kong Entertainment, Lee Kwang Soo's company, that the actor will be starring on a dating show in China. Also note that this show will be different from the one Siwon appeared in.

In addition, the representative stated, "There will be three male contestants and three female contestants. This program has aired before this season. A previous season had 2PM'sChansung in it and in this season, Lee Kwang Soo is a participant. It's a show where the participants will go on blind dates."

We have also been informed that Chinese model and actress Lynn Hung will be the lucky participant to be paired up with Lee Kwang Soo. She is a well-known star in China who has been widely popular in the industry for 10 years, and she has also suprised everyone with her superb acting skills. However, King Kong Entertainment has not confirmed whether this is true or not.

You can expect the show to air around June. After seeing Lee Kwang Soo's funny side on the show "Running Man," we are anxiously looking forward to seeing how he will handle the romantic situations on his new show!

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